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"The Mind of Christ".(part 2) 2020 by Reverend Brian Richards Missionar...


"The Mind of Christ".2020 by Reverend Brian Richards Missionary Family

About Reverend Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.] Welcome to my new Missionary report! This I was asked the other day Why dont you Ministers wear priestly garments any more? Well if you click onto my links below, I will give you an answer in the first video. However I do have to support myself by some kind of work, because I am not on any payroll of any denominational church.So I seek my refuge in learning how to make money on the internet. So follow all the directions and purchase any book to help the needy people in Asia Minor spread the Gospel and feed the needy and victims of earthquakes & Bad Storms in Philippines ! So just follow the instructions and I will see you on the other side. YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO”FREE” Videos { Click Here on any link and leave your details)

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TO BE ON OUR MAILING LIST CLICK HERE NOW! when you dont see me on the internet this is what I am busy doing I like to write books. They are not as professional as other peoples but the words I speak is all from God. This is what makes them exceptional. have a look please and give comments.    My personal favorite is MARRIAGE MATTERS TO SOCIETY TO-DAY!{CLICK HERE) "Are You In Christ" you can get a free download of any of my books by being on my mailing list at Lulu Lulu Publishers have made changes to order any one of my RevBrian-Bookstore there are over 20 books in all.     (Bu t you have to be logged inn here! FOR REVBRIAN-BOOKSTORE ON THE  AMAZING AMAZON WEBSITE) (But you have to be logged in to see them-So Click Here then Login to your new account) ALSO AMAZING AMAZON FOR "REVBRIAN-BOOKSTORE CLICK HERE"