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Reverend Brian Richards is a Missionary/Pastor and Marriage Celebrant

THANK YOU PAGE & CLICK HERE FOR MAILING LIST AND FREE e-BOOK DOWNLOADS As a qualified Marriage Celebrant since 1984 I am Ready Willing & Available to travel any where for a wedding, also licensed for funeral,Christenings,and a speaker for your special events, parties, naming the house and blessing the house is taken very seriously, we have the power to change the Spiritual Atmosphere in any building. ( NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE CLICK HERE ) I also go to court to speak on behalf of a client undertaking counseling by myself/ also assistance is given for a visitor to Australia   I shall add to this blog periodically as the occasion arises: at this time I would like to rejoice over the fact that we have updated our email address for this year 2020 and we find this address more appropriate for the coming weddings so  this is the address to be used for weddings notification for me to book your Special Day.